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MrDoodhwaala farm fresh milk
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Why MrDoodhwaala?

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Rich Creaminess Milk

The Protein Rich-Milk You Receive Every Morning is Sourced From the Best  Murrah Buffalo Breed, directly from our farmers, the natural sweetness of our milk is the hall mark of purity & beomes an instant favourite among all Family Members.

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Our Quality Parameters

We make sure that our Buffalos are stress free, high quality of feed is given to them and NO injection are given to them to boost their Productivity. Besides scientific testing process where our milk is tested on more than 70 parameters test for toxins and clarifies its impurities before delivering it to you .

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No Preservatives

We Never Ever Use any creamy  powder nor any preservatives in our product .Our Milk is Pasteurized which means raw milk  that has been heated to a specified temperature and time to kill pathogens that may be found in the raw Milk. Pathogens are microorganism such as bacteria that make us sick.

Mrdoodhwaala Fresh Bottle Milk
Glass Bottled

We packed  our fresh milk in Eco-Friendly Glass Bottles, For better hygiene as well as our customers can see our clarfied milk with their naked eye daily!

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Hassle Free Management

Our easy to use Mobile App for managing your daily milk order, monthly usage as well as you can track our delivery boy at every stage.

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Door Step Delivery

Fresh Milk with added convenience of home delivery at your specified time schedule.


Fresh Milk Delivered at Your Door Step


A glass of milk may become your kid’s favourite drink with Mr.Doodhwaala Buffalo Milk

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Order Milk online - mobile interface of mrdoodhwaala app

How it Works

Load Your Wallet

Just register with your basic details and top-up your MrDoodhwaala wallet with any pre-defined amount.

Set Order

Create a repeat order or order anytime before 12 Hours by selecting the product.

We Deliver

Our excellent delivery team will place your order at your doorstep. Just open your door and pick it up at your specified time.

Easy Subscription Options
Easily Subscribe Using Calender interface

Customers Can Easily subscribe with one touch calendar interface which makes easy to set your dates and time intervals according to your availabilty.

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Easy to Plan Your Order

Hassle Free Delivery System

  • Keep a tab on your daily expenses and also a consolidated view of spendings over the last week or month.
  • Holiday Management System
  • Cancel Delivery at any time Before 24 Hours and can place any additional order befor 12 hours.
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Easy to Track Your Order

Enjoy Live Tracking Experience

With Our Live tracking experience Customer can get the live location of Delivery Boy with Easy Interface.

Easy Interface
Accurate Location100 m
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Alert ManagementSMS Alert
Online milk delivery GPS map pickup service of Mrdoodhwaala
MrDoodhwala - Farm fresh bottle milk

Buffalo Milk- Glass Bottle

In Stock

Quantity : Litre

Half Litre

  1. Please Return Empty Bottles Next Day

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Nutritional Content per 100gm(approx values)
Energy, kcal86.4
Total Carbohydrates, g5.0
Total Fat, g6.0
Saturated Fat, g3.9
Protein, g3.1
Calcium, mg108.0
Milk Solids
Min.Milk Fat :6.0%
Min.Milk SNF :9.0%

For Best Results, Store Continuously Under Refrigeration below 8° C  until use. 

MrDoodhwala - Farm fresh bottle milk


I recently tried placing my orders through the Mrdoodhwaala app. Being only a whatsapp user. I thought i would not be able to operate a new APP but it was simple to use! Im loving it...
testimonial by Senior citizen - Mr.Arjun
Senior Citizen
Buffalo milk is good for children and elderly people, thats why i give it to both my kids. Mrdoodhwaala gives me the assurance of pure and good quality Milk.
testimonial by Sangeeta ( Housewife)
House Wife
This delicious milk from Mrdoodhwaala was recommended to me by a friend. I tried the sample and have to admit, I am hooked ! From the courteous staff that delivers, the international feel packaging, the delectable and delightfully fresh pure milk, the complete experience was simply fantastic!
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Sports Trainer
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